who are doing BIG THINGS in their business.

They've come to understand how powerful having a personal brand strategy has been to their business. They are not only stepping up their marketing game but they are sharing their influence with the world to empower others! 

It's my honor to showcase a few of my consulting clients and course students who aren't letting fear get in the way of living out their purpose and sharing their gifts.

let me connect you with

purpose-driven women!

I believe our purpose in life is to share our brand influence to serve and ENCOURAGE others.


When Wendy came to us, she felt limited with her outreach, relying on FB and IG to market her (direct sales) products and business.

​"I know there is a better way and have learned bits and pieces, but struggle with putting it all together and figuring how to market myself rather than the company I represent."

​Sound familiar?

​One of Wendy's requests was to learn how to market herself and utilize Pinterest more than traditional social media platforms. 🎵 MUSIC to our ears!

​So we got to work to build an entire CORE Brand Marketing plan personalized for Wendy and her strengths.
​💯 CORE Foundation for her brand
​💻 Custom Website with Blog
​🎨 Mini Logo Portfolio
​📔 List Building - Lead Magnet
​📌 Pinterest Marketing

​Through 1:1 strategy calls, we could tap into Wendy's experiences and story to reveal her passion and interest is to help tired and anxious moms who are pouring every last drop of their energy into others go from feeling drained and overwhelmed to having better control over their health and well-being.

​This discovery helped her create the "Simply Self-Care Method" - to offer women a way to organize their thoughts and responsibilities to manage their schedules better. Wendy believes with a little planning, you can prioritize yourself and still pour into those you love.

​Over two months, we built a custom website to showcase her new brand identity, story, and niche statement and helped her write SEO-friendly content for her blog that her ideal client would want.

​Using Pinterest, we were able to promote her blog articles and gain more traffic to her blog. These new visitors gained her email subscribers for her growing list by promoting the "Schedule Your Self-Care Workbook" (lead magnet) to her new readers.

​Wendy now has a streamlined approach to marketing her direct sales products (skincare/wellness) by tapping into her passions around how women can take care of themselves better... something she knows much about. Read the bio on her site to see why!

client work

income streams

"I really wanted to say you're fu**ing awesome, 😎 but I didn't know if that was allowed. 🤣"

​Yep! Kelly Shepherd and What The Farm are happy clients of ours! 😂😂😂

I've known Kelly way back from our time in direct sales together, but we've stuck together with big entrepreneur plans, chasing all our crazy dreams side by side.

So when Kelly was moving back to the states in 2018 from her time in Australia to buy a farm, she immediately reached out to me after purchasing land and livestock in rural Virginia.

For months we brainstormed all sorts of income opportunities and sales strategies.

Last summer, when she started working with CORE Brand Marketing Group, we built her an official spot on the web with a complete website and blog to start sharing all she was learning inside her new farm life.

💯 CORE Brand Strategy
💻 Custom Website with Blog
🎨 Logo Portfolio
📔 List Building Lead Magnet Quiz
📧 Email Marketing

Over the past year, her business has expanded into an online STOREFRONT for her fresh chicken and turkeys and sign-ups for her homeschool classes, Farm Tours, and Kids Farm Camps.

​Told you we came up with plenty of income streams! 💸

📧 Email Marketing
📱 Social Media Marketing
📝 Blog Publishing
🎨 Custom Graphics
💰 Marketing Promotions

Together with Kelly's farm expertise and our brand marketing one - we are an incredible team doing remarkable things for their local and online community.
Take a peek at Kelly's story online at and if you are ever in the Virginia Beach area - take a visit to their farm! And don't blink an eye if you see Kelly with a sheep 🐑 named Wilson swimming in her pool or a chicken 🐓 named Blanche who likes to keep her company on the back porch!!

client work

tired of doing it all alone

"It's figured out, and nothing feels overwhelming!!" But Loren didn't always feel that way about her growing makeup business.

​Last fall, over a brief conversation, Loren Dreas had dumped her marketing and strategy concerns on me. 

​She was fully booked with 1:1 Loren Cosmetics wedding and makeup clients but needed a better strategy to free up more of her time without losing income... we had the solution - group sessions and an online course!

​This spring, she hired CORE Brand Marketing Group to tune up her marketing, funnels, and sales systems.


💯 CORE Brand Strategy
💻 Custom Website with Blog
🎨 Mini Logo Portfolio
📔 List Building Lead Magnet Quiz
💻 Online Course with Product Funnel
📌 Pinterest Marketing
📧 Email Marketing

Loren has a streamlined sales process set-up with a strategic content marketing plan to generate automated leads and sales online! She continues to work with our team inside monthly strategy calls.

Here's what she had to say... 

"If you've ever been completely OVERWHELMED with trying to figure out how to simplify your business (and your headspace) while wanting to scale it at the same time.... I. Feel. You. That was me (for years, actually), and while I knew my friend Kristin was an expert in this area, I continued to be the "Surely, I can figure it out" person... and well, that got me nowhere pretty quickly. So...I FINALLY asked for her help. And guess what?! By golly, It's figured out, and nothing feels overwhelming!! I know exactly who my Core Niche is, and I have to say it was so much fun figuring that out. Kristin makes this so easy that you're actually annoyed with yourself for not hiring and learning directly from her earlier." - Loren Dreas

Check her out - 💻

client work

tired of wasting money

5 months ago, Cheryl sent me this message... "I feel like I have been led in all different directions with other coaches and groups and can not afford to keep spending money on something that will never amount to anything."

When I talked to her on our discovery call, I could tell she was hesitant to trust another "expert" or spend any more money to bring her ideas to life.

I assured her they were "all normal feelings for sure... change is hard, and the unknown is full of fear... but if you decide to work with me, I'm definitely going to see you through it all... I'm alllll about action and getting things up and running!"

She hesitantly signed up on May 8th, 2020, for 3 hours of coaching.

After 15 months of working together (waaaay more than 3 hours😉) , Cheryl is an entirely different person than I met last spring.

The Cheryl I work with today has moments of self-doubt, but she's COMMITTED to helping other women inside their 'second chances.' She understands marriage is HARD. And helps women determine the best path - to stay or leave - with support in between all of it.


💯 CORE Brand Foundation
💻 Custom Website with Blog
🎨 Mini Logo Portfolio
📔 List Building x 2: Lead Magnet Quiz and PDF
💻 Online Course x 2
📖 Tiny Offer x 2
📌 Pinterest Marketing
📧 Email Marketing

Cheryl now has a streamlined sales process set-up with a strategic content marketing plan to generate automated leads online!

To say I'm proud of Cheryl Cline would be a complete understatement.

To all the Cheryl's out there - here's what she says now, "I told her my past experiences and questioned if I would be able to learn enough from her in one month. That is now laughable because I was further ahead and learned more in one month than I had in the previous 12 months that I have been working on my brand with other well-known business and branding coaches."

Check her out - 💻

client work

Kristin Longacre

Hey runners... how often do you stretch? It’s easy to lace up our shoes and go for the run. After our runs, it’s easy to sit down and call it a day. However, we are doing a disservice to our body by just running and stopping there. Over the years many runners have debated what the best stretches are, when the best time to do them is and how long you should do them for. 🙃 I’ve researched, tested and learned my lessons through many of these theories.

In order to save you some time and effort I put my five favorites together all in one quick download! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 

running for beginners

5 stretches to complete after every run

jennifer burkhart

Hey business builders, Are you struggling with getting traffic to your website? Do you have great content, services and products, but you need more eyes on your site? And, what about your leads? Do you ever feel like you’ve exhausted your list?

If you have said yes to any of these questions, then you should be looking at Pinterest. Pinterest is now the #1 traffic referral for my business. 

Using my Pin to Profit method I will teach you how to grow your online business with Pinterest. You will discover a consistent flow of traffic to your site, generate more client leads and increase conversion rates to bring more profits to your business.🙌🏻 

pinterest for business

pin to profit method: free masterclass

cheryl cline

Need to forge a second chance path? I help women who want to leave an unhealthy marriage heal and move forward with a divorce without fear.

I believe in marriage, but I also think that divorce is seldom inevitable. No woman should carry the worry and shame that can come with divorce as they forge a second chance path. Using my “Steps To A Second Chance”, I teach you how to learn from the past, focus on the present, and prepare for the future.

You are trying to make the right decision, but who should you confide in? Who can you trust? Who needs to know?

your second chance

download my "WHO to turn to" workbook

deborah svec-carstens 

In search of healing and hope after trauma?  I’m a writer, theologian, and spiritual director who helps women explore the question, “How does healing begin after trauma?”

My memoir, Toward the Light: A Year in Paris tells the story of my search for meaning and connection after I was sexually assaulted by a stranger in Paris in the early 1990s. In the eight months that followed, I began rebuilding a shattered foundation, excavating the depths within myself to uncover the courage, strength, and resilience that had always been there.

I now help other women do the same, sharing what I’ve learned about the intersection of trauma, the body, and faith.

life after trauma

GET ON THE LIST FOR my upcoming book

daniele mineck

Looking to host an unforgettable event or small party? I help gals on-the-go who want to create meaningful and memorable events and simplified spaces.

I’ve believe taking a little bit of time to prepare and organize gives you MORE time to enjoy your moments… with kids, at the party, in your home, on your trip.

Using my exclusive Simplify With Style techniques, you can ditch the dark hole of online party searches for good and discover the secrets to creating organized spaces.

In order to make sure you don't fail at planning your next event I put my top nine party fails together in one quick download! 🙌🏻

event styling

Download my Fail-Proof Party Guide

Tara Tonsetic

Want to add a personal touch? I help busy gals who appreciate elegant, yet easy things go from feeling sunk in this fast-paced world to find a reliable and creative simplified solution for at-home soirées and hand-written cards.

I believe a personal touch is essential to this day and age. Inside Celebrate with Simplicity, I provide shindig ideas and card supplies from makers and crafters around the country where simplicity collides with special moments.

I know how overwhelming planning even the smallest of parties can be. I don’t want you to forget a thing – so I’ve created a Simple At-Home Shindig Checklist so you always have a helpful + a constant reference for your planning needs.

personal touches

Get access to the (free) SHINDIG CHECKLIST


Here at What The Farm, in Virginia Beach, we provide local families with an affordable way to bring home food free of chemicals and hormones.

We believe you should know where your food comes from and the farming practices used to produce it.

Using our What The Farm System, we harvest food without pesticides, growth hormones, or GMOs. Our eco-friendly, healthy, and sustainable farming practices benefit both the environment and you, the consumer. 


download our thanksgiving turkey recipes

amanda grask

Need a RESET?  I’m dedicated to helping middle-aged women go from the grind of corporate life and serving others’ needs to re-organizing their priorities to recover time to focus on themselves.

I believe confidence comes when you feel good from the inside out.

Using my Inspire to Action Approach for Mind, Body, and Soul, I help improve opportunities for women experiencing limits to self-worth due to traditional workplaces and habits.

Start aligning your life with priorities that have you feeling your best from the inside out.

mind, body, soul

 5-Day Reset Guide for Mind, Body, and Soul