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Our company is a small organization. Our CEO and founder, Kristin, oversees every one of our accounts. To sustain the highest level of service that our clients expect and we demand from ourselves, we must limit the number of clients we serve.

A typical client invests approximately $10,000 a year in our services. I respectfully wanted to share this with you, so you can determine if this investment (noting that once we evaluate, your needs might be higher or lower) meets your expectations.

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"Kristin has been a critical part of turning what was simply an idea in my head to reality in an authentic way and paints an accurate picture of my personal brand. I would never have gotten to this place without her vision and talent! Trusting her with my brand was the best decision I could have made to get to the next business level."

- amanda grask

"Everyone should HIRE HER! She is so on top of it. Not only is she organized, but she is also smart, efficient, and focused on getting things done. My biggest take away working with Kristin is that is was so worth it. She made my project come to life and helped me with something I had been thinking about for 10+ years come to fruition."

- tara tonsetic

"Working with the CORE group has completely changed my business. Over the last 15 months, Kristin and her team have helped me with everything from website development and social media to course creation and new income streams for our farm. Last year we started “farm camp” and increased our business revenue by 80%. I gave them my idea, and they did literally everything else. They have turned my farm dreams into reality, and I could not imagine doing business without them."

- Kelly shepherd

"Kristin is incredible at getting right to the core of your problems. She was able to take my jumbled up brain and help me with a long term plan for passive income! I love Kristin's passion for helping others get their businesses off the ground. Kristin is great at helping you organize your thoughts, put it to paper and plan your future. Her knowledge for branding is top notch!"

- kristin longacre

"This girl knows what she is talking about. She took me from step 1 to step 10 in one month.  I had spent more money than I cared to spend on other business and branding coaches.  When my time expired with them, I was left not being any closer to making my vision a reality and I was more frustrated than when I started. Signing up with Kristin was my last try. I told her my past experiences and questioned if I would be able to learn enough from her in one month of consulting. That is now laughable, because I am further ahead and learned more in one month, than in the whole last 12 months. I'll never stop working with kristin!"

- cheryl cline